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Bushcraft Tarp | Bushcraft Wool Blanket, Tarp , Ground Mat | Handmade Bushcraft Set | Camping Gear, First Aid Kit Wool | Ground Mat

Bushcraft Tarp | Bushcraft Wool Blanket, Tarp , Ground Mat | Handmade Bushcraft Set | Camping Gear, First Aid Kit Wool | Ground Mat

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%100 Hand Made
%100 Hand painting
%100 Genuine leather
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Tarp Model of 99 Percent Handmade Brand with 4-Season Seams, Waterproof Tape and Complete Membrane.

190T Waterproof Membrane Polyester

10.000 mm/cm2

Hot Taped Center Seam Line

Tarp Model of 99 Percent Handmade Brand with 4-Season Seams, Waterproof Tape and Complete Membrane.


1. It is very light: even Ultralight tents weigh at least 3-4 kg. The tarp weighs 1 kg. The tarp has a very distinct weight advantage over the tent.

2. When you support it with pole or branch, it can be turned into a teepe tent.

3. Takes up much less space: The tarp can be packed into a very small pack as it has no poles and no ground. Tarp pack 0.5 lt. It's the size of a water bottle.

4. It can be set up in many different ways: You can set up your tent only one way. As designed. However, it is possible to make many different builds with a tarp. You could even say unlimited. Currently, around 20 different builds can be made. But anyone can develop completely different designs. This variety has great advantages. You can make different builds specific to the camp site, how many people you are and the weather conditions.

5. It makes your sitting area and cooking area dry by stretching it in front of your tent in rainy weather.

6. When the area where the sun will come from is calculated and set up, it protects your tent from the sun and thus protects you from the heat.

7. You can cook in the tarp

8. Tarp can be used for non-shelter purposes: Tarp has a wider usage area than tent. For example, you can use it as a shade to protect you from the sun, you can have your meal under a tarp while it is raining, and you can even start a fire.

9. Tarp is very easy to set up: The tarp is very simple to set up and can be set up quickly. You can set up your tarp in 1-2 minutes by tying it to trees or using your poles. This is a great advantage in bad weather conditions.

10. You feel the nature much better with the tarp: The tarp is a shelter that is very suitable for the nature walker's purpose. When you enter the tent, you lose your connection with nature. However, in tarp, you can see the forest, sea, river and sky in front of you at any moment. Your relationship with nature continues even while you sleep.

11. Since almost all sides are open, there is no sweating (water vapor condensation) in the tarp as in the tent. You wake up drier in the morning.

12. The tarp is hot: In non-rainy weather, it is possible to warm up by lighting a fire in front of the tarp. This is a huge advantage, especially in cold weather. You can't do this in a tent.

13. It is produced with fabric and dye that does not contain azo phthalate, carcinogenic raw materials.

14. High UV Protection

Including 10 meters of tension rope, cut it according to the shape you will use and burn the end)
4 steel stakes (better fixed to the ground with its special twisted design)
carrying case


Bushcraft Wool Blanket, Sleeping Bag, Handmade Leather Strap, Camping Gear, Protect Btw -10/-15, Survival Tool, First Aid Kit

Dimension And Weight

160 X 220 Centimeters, Weight 2kg to 2.3 kg +- 100 Gram

Material: %80 Wool , %20 Polyester, Leather

Stitching: Double stitched on 4 sides



Straps are genuine leather and handmade

Full Package Contents:
1) Tarp
2)Sleeping Set
Wool Blanket, Sleeping Bag
Ground Canvas waterproof mat (2 meters X 2 meters )



Bushcrafting or Hiking heavy anatomic design bushcrafter pack will support you in your experience in an excellent manner. Padded c shoulder straps that follow your anatomy, padded back, will make sure you can cover long distances in comfort without compromising on the gear you can carry.

A vintage look Bushcrafter pack with the comfort of a modern technical pack.

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