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Best bottles for Bushcraft Backpacks

Top 5 Camping Water Bottles: A Comparison with 99 Percent Handmade Bushcraft Backpacks

Camping adventures are incomplete without a reliable water bottle. Here’s a look at five top-rated camping water bottles and how they compare, especially when you pair them with a trusty bushcraft backpack from 99 Percent Handmade.

1. Nalgene Wide Mouth Sustain

  • Price: $17
  • Features: Known for its durability and affordability, the Nalgene Wide Mouth Sustain is a classic choice among campers. It's lightweight, made from recycled materials, and highly durable.
  • Pros: Very affordable, durable, and versatile.
  • Cons: Not insulated, which means it won't keep your drinks hot or cold for extended periods.
  • Best Use: Ideal for everyday use and short hikes.

2. Hydro Flask Lightweight Wide Mouth Trail

  • Price: $45
  • Features: This insulated bottle is lighter than most of its counterparts, making it perfect for hiking. It retains the ability to keep drinks cold or hot for a long time.
  • Pros: Excellent insulation, lightweight for its category.
  • Cons: Higher price point, still heavier than plastic options.
  • Best Use: Great for all-day hikes where temperature control is crucial.

3. Platypus Platy 2.0L

  • Price: $14
  • Features: This soft-sided, collapsible water bottle is ultra-light and packable, making it perfect for backpacking.
  • Pros: Extremely lightweight, packs down small.
  • Cons: Less durable than hard-sided bottles, not insulated.
  • Best Use: Perfect for long backpacking trips where space and weight are priorities.

4. Owala FreeSip Stainless Steel

  • Price: $30
  • Features: This bottle features a straw and a spout for versatile drinking options, along with excellent insulation.
  • Pros: Convenient drinking options, good insulation.
  • Cons: A bit bulky for smaller packs.
  • Best Use: Excellent for those who prefer different sipping styles and need good temperature retention.

5. Katadyn BeFree Filtration System

  • Price: $45
  • Features: Includes a built-in filter, making it ideal for hiking in areas where water sources may be questionable.
  • Pros: Filters water on the go, lightweight.
  • Cons: Filter needs regular maintenance, not suitable for storing hot liquids.
  • Best Use: Ideal for long hikes and backpacking trips in areas without reliable clean water sources.


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